• Competitors must be fully paid up MNTFA members for at least one calendar month prior to the date of the match, with all match fees paid.
  • All competitions will be fished to reservoir rules ( i.e. rules applicable to the venue) unless otherwise stated in the match information given by the Competition Secretary.
  • Fish taken shall be killed in sequence i.e. no fish released until the match limit is reached and no subsequent fish shall be substituted for a fish already taken).
  • No fixed oars or rudder shall be used in matches unless the match is designated as a rudder match. Steerage on the drift can be controlled by use of the drogue, attached on the broad side of the boat.
  • There shall be no fishing out of the back of the boat while drifting nor while under power.
  • The start and finish times for all competitions will be signalled by the competition timekeeper. You are advised to synchronise your watch at the start.
  • Boats must not leave the jetty before the start and must be in contact with the jetty at the finishing time.
  • In the event of a bank match finishing time will be measured at the lodge.
  • If one of a pair of competitors is unable to fish a substitute MNTFA member may take his place in the competition. Should the replacement be a non-member then the boat may be taken out but they will not fish in the competition.
  • If two anglers weigh in the same weight, the winner will be the angler with the highest number of fish. If the result is still tied the trophy will be shared for equal lengths of time.
  • Competitors must possess a current rod fishing license.
  • Any objections must be made as soon as practicable and in any case before the results are announced and presentations made.
  • Objections will be settled by committee members present. Their majority decision will be final.

Tight lines!